Enterprise OUTREACH

Members of the Neely Center's Business Affiliates Network program benefit from participation in center activities at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels.

Benefits include:

Invitation(s) to attend the annual Next Generation Ethics symposium.
The symposium includes leading experts discussing important ethical dilemmas we all face today and will be facing in the very near future.

Invitation(s) to attend professional education courses.
The Neely Center offers a variety of relevant, compelling leadership courses taught by world-renowned academic experts. To read more about our executive education program click here.

Access and introductions to resources at the center.
Including access to relevant faculty, staff and students.

A designated employee from Sponsor can reside at the center for one week for close collaboration on a defined short duration project with relevant faculty and students.

Project design. 
Design and develop a 3-week project to be completed by the center collaboratively.

Company Day at USC
One full-day visit to the center for customized meetings with faculty, students, researchers.

Access to center scholarly research.
Including white papers and research reports.

For more information email: decide@usc.edu