Next Generation Ethics Book

The Neely Center is producing an upcoming book called Next Generation Ethics. The book will examine important ethical dilemmas that we face today, and will include brief stories and case studies, as well as perspectives on the ethical dilemmas that we will face in the future. The book includes chapters examining cyberethics, organizational culture, artificial intelligence and many other important, relevant topics. For more information please contact

A select number of chapters are listed below, others will be announced shortly.

  • Guidelines for Artificial Intelligence  - James Babcock, Cornell University; Janos Kramar, University of Montreal; Roman V. Yampolskiy, University of Louisville
  • Engineering Ethics When Lives are on the Line: When Does Bad Engineering Become Bad Ethics? - Neil Seigel, University of Southern California
  • Composite Ethical Frameworks for IoT and Other Emerging Technologies - Max Senges, Patrick Ryan, Richard Whitt
  • Transparency: The What, Why, and How of Organizational Effectiveness and Ethics - James O'Toole, University of Southern California
  • Ethics Issues Facing Engineers in Oil and Gas Operations - Iraj Ershaghi, University of Southern California
  • Privacy and Ethics with Enterprise Continuous Monitoring Systems - Daniel E. O'Leary, University of Southern California
  • Social Media Ethics 2.0 - Jeremy Harris Lipschultz - University of Nebraska Omaha
  • Case Studies of Product Life Cycle Environmental Impacts for Teaching Engineering Ethics - Matthew Eckelman, Jacques Isaacs, Chrisopher Bosso, John Basl, Northeastern University
  • The Whistle that Was Not Blown: VW, Diesels, and Engineers - Michael Davis, Illinois Institute of Technology 
  • Using Biomedical Principilism to Guide Ethical Medical Device Development - Andrew Brightman, Purdue University; Michael Hiles, Biotech, Inc.; Jonathan Beever, University of Central Florida
  • Ethics in Cyberspace: Freedom, Rights, and Cybersecurity - Richard Spinello, Boston College
  • Techno Innovations; the Role of Ethical Standards, Law and Regulation and the Public Interest - Frank Zerunyan, University of Southern California