Political ethical concerns and questions regarding what constitutes good ethical leadership are a constant feature of today’s 24-hour news cycle.  The Neely Center analyzes the ethical dilemmas faced by important decision-makers and helps current and future leaders develop the skills they need to make ethically sensitive decisions.

Relevant publications by Neely Center affiliates in this area include:

 William G. Resh (and John D. Marvel). The Persistence of Prosocial Work Effort as a Function of Mission Match.

Abstract : The authors use an online experiment to test the proposal that “mission match” leads to persistent prosocial work effort, whereby employees go above and beyond remunerated job responsibilities to deliver a public good. First, the importance of mission match to persistent prosocial work effort in public and nonprofit organizations is discussed. Then a real-effort experiment is used to test whether mission match is associated with the persistence of individual work effort under conditions of unreasonable performance expectations. Findings show that subjects’ narrow identification with the mission of the particular organization on whose behalf they are working is a more important determinant of persistence than the extent to which one reports self-sacrifice as a motivation toward service. Moreover, reported self-sacrifice does not appear to reinforce the relationship between mission match and persistent prosocial work behavior. Read more 

Lisa A. Schweitzer and Nader Afzalan. Four Reasons Why AICP Needs An Open Data Ethic.” Journal of the American Planning Association. 

Abstract: Problem, research strategy, and ­findings: Computing and digital technologies have changed how data are created, analyzed, and communicated. The American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) Code of Ethics has no guidelines for planners working with emerging urban informatics. Here we make a theoretical argument based on the premise of epistemic justice: The idea that how planners collect, manage, disseminate, and use data all bear on justice in democratic decision making about cities. Read more.

Frank Zerunyan discusses DACA Dreamers in an editorial for The Globe Post. Click here 

After choosing a more challenging and polarizing legislative agenda, two important subject matters may unite a divided Congress and the president of the United States. The leadership of both parties has signaled the ever-growing need for an infrastructure policy and reasonable immigration reform. Read more.